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Our Vision Therapy and Tutoring Programs begin with a personal evaluation to better understand you or your child's issues and explain the relationship between vision problems and the associated learning or behavior disorder.  Once the issues are identified we will develop a tailored program specifically for you or your child. Please call to schedule appointment today.  CALL 810-736-6673

"When I started vision therapy, I was 11 and I was having trouble with my eyes. Throughout the year, vision therapy helped me in so many ways. I can see in 3D so much better and I also can read
 and write much better. I never did understand how all the exercises worked, but in the end they did and they helped me.


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"Dr. Habermehl, Kyle, and Staff:
I've spent most of my life unable to figure out why I perform and do some things at different speeds. School, social interactions, and day to day life were all challenging until you came to the rescue. Vision therapy has literally changed my life in some of the most positive ways possible. For the first time, I am able to concentrate, comprehend, and function so much better than I ever could. Even now you can read what I write. It looks so much better than it did. I am so grateful for all your knowledge, time patience, and support. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I am 25 and I am ready to give college a second try. I have no doubts, thanks to your help, I can succeed this time.
Thank You!
Michael C."

"To all of our friends at vision therapy:
I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your part in Blake's therapy. When we started a year ago, Blake couldn't read sight words. Today, he is reading at grade level!! We are so proud of him. Vision Therapy has truly helped him in so many different areas. He has such confidence in himself now that he didn't have before we started his therapy.
Thanks to all







Thank you Carol & Dr. Habermehl for working with and helping Brenna with her eyes. Now that  her eyes are working together, I have seen an improvement in her reading and school work, as well as with her dancing.
                                Thank you again Barb H.

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Dr. Habermehl & Staff:

"Thank you all very much for all of your help with Kylie. She has been on the A-B honor roll since she started coming here. 
She is very confident in herself. She has had problems since she was in first grade. Kylie now has such a good attitude toward school and everything she does.


  • Concussions​

  • stroke

  • amblyopia

  • strabismus

  • Tracking issues

  • traumatic brain injury