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Our Vision Therapists

 "We believe in the total child, so while our expertise is in children's vision and learning, we will evaluate and treat your child's vision-related learning problems in the context of his or her total self." Dr. Habermehl.

Our three vision therapists have a combined experience over 50 years. Two of our therapists are former teachers who specialize in transferring newly acquired visual skills to the academic arena. Our Therapy Director, Carol Leser (far right), specializes in treating traumatic brain injury, strabismus, and amblyopia.


     Dr. Habermehl has been a member of both the Michigan Optometric Association and the American  Optometic Association since 1984. He has also been an active member of the contact lens section of the  American Optometric Association since 1988. On October 25, 2003 he was board certified in vision  development and therapy by the College of Optometrist in Vision Development. Dr. Habermehl has been a pediatric optometrist specializing in vision therapy for over 20 years.

   Many awards have been awarded to Dr. Habermehl such as Rotorian of the Year for 1992-1993. He also won this same award two more times (2000-2001 and 2002- 2003). Governer John Engler appointed Bradley to the Michigan State Board of Examiners in Optometry for a term ending June, 1996. He was later reappointed two times by Engler.

   Dr. Habermehl is a past president of the College Optometrists in Vision Development (www.COVD.org), and was named Optometrist of the Year by the Michigan Optometric Association in 2012.

   Bradley has been married to his wife, Cindy since July 19, 1986. They have two grown children, Chad and Kylee.

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